Jake is the chief bee wrangle at Golden Fox Farms. 

Always interested in bees, Jake and Meranda read up and took the plunge into beekeeping with packages from Kelley Beekeeping in 2015.

Jake spent his time pursuing several ventures that continue to inform his approaches to bees today. Jake holds a Bachelors degree in Chemistry with a Business Concentration, and spent a decade in the environmental industry. Jake concurrently was a firefighter EMT, who specialized in hazardous materials and education. Holding rental properties, Jake also ran a construction company, before liquidating and moving to the country.

Today, Jake is a Cornell and Eastern Apicultural Society Master Beekeeper, one of only two beekeepers to hold certifications from both agencies. Golden Fox Farms operates around 100 hives (more in summer, fewer in winter) in several apiaries between Louisville and Carrollton. Honey, nucleus colonies, and queen sales help the bees pay their way. Jake also teaches beekeeping classes throughout the region.

Focusing on sustainability, we select, manage, and breed for bees with excellent health and vigor. We also do small-batch raw honey processing, allowing for more flavor and variety in our honeys.